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Believe in ‘HUSTLING HARD’ to get things done?

Then Izia is the right place to be and unleash the power of your


We are always in a process to look out for minds who have these traits, the ones who are full of ideas, strategies, and approaches. If that’s you, take a moment to send us your CV and Digital Portfolio.



  1. Exceptional communication skills for business development.
  2. Deliver the sales pitch to existing and new clients.
  3. Candidate with graduation in sales and marketing field is more preferable.
  4. Have clarity about the products and services which the company is offering.
  5. Prepare effective promotional plans to maximize sales and meet the target.
  6. Organize meetings with potential clients and keep track of the objectives and needs of existing clients.
  7. Effectively coordinate with the team.
  8. Must have good knowledge of current advertising and market trends.
  9. One who learns quickly and is up for challenging tasks.


  • Be a growth hacker who knows the art of marketing with fluency in communication and command over marketing strategies.
  • Contact new potential clients and explain in detail about the firm’s service offerings.
  • Devise the follow-up strategies for existing clients.
  • Participate in market research and implement various sales and marketing strategies and henceforth increase the revenue of the firm.
  • Provide the estimates of our services to clients.
  • Get new accounts and expand the clientele.


  1. Actively able to conceptualize and suggest creative ideas for marketing and sales pitches.
  2. Manage the production of all print pieces from initial design till implementation
  3. Have in-depth knowledge of current design trends.
  4. Able to communicate the design ideas with clients and the internal team members as well.
  5. Deliver the assigned tasks within the stipulated timeline.
  6. Expertise in using various graphic design tools such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc.


  • Designing all the illustrative, visual and graphical designs for the use of promotion of a brand.
  • To develop and provide apt content within the prescribed budget.
  • Work in collaboration with other in-house team members as well as the client team.


  1. Expert in CSS3, HTML5 and JS.
  2. Must be familiar with jQuery, Java and other related libraries.
  3. Expert in WordPress and Bootstrap 3.X.
  4. Good understanding of responsive resigns.
  5. Knowing basics of photoshop.
  6. Making optimized websites with ideal loading time and good scalability.
  7. jQuery slider knowledge.
  8. Ability to explain the site plan effectively.


  • To create cross-platform websites.
  • To translate the UI/UX design wireframes into responsive code which in turn can produce responsive visual elements on the web and mobile as well.
  • Directly responsible for converting psd to HTML.
  • Work in collaboration with the in-house team and the client team as well.


  1. More than three years’ experience of both front-end and back-end mobile/web technologies.
  2. One who can take diverse business requirements and turn them into actionable solutions according to the client requirements.
  3. Willing to self-learn new technologies for the front end and back end in the market.
  4. Knowledge of content management systems like Drupal and WordPress.
  5. Full stack web development with a core focus in UX and PHP design.
  6. Abilities to optimize page speed.
  7. Must have a good understanding of CSS animations.

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