Is nokia really back in the game with nokia sirocco?

Amidst a lot of chaos and the release of year’s 1st flagship Galaxy S9 and S9 plus, there was one brand which was successful in catching people’s attention. It was none other than NOKIA. Nokia launched a total of 5 phones at the Mobile World Congress 2018 including Nokia Sirocco. This was one of the highest number of phones on display by a single company at the MWC 2018. But what do we get to know by this move from Nokia? Is Nokia really back in the game?

The 5 phones which were launched by Nokia at MWC 2018 include Nokia 1, Nokia 6, Nokia 7 plus, Nokia Sirocco and the revamped Nokia 8110 (The banana phone). Out of these three, the phones which were really worth noticing were Nokia 7 plus and Nokia 8 Sirocco. The Nokia 7 plus has a completely redesigned and more sturdy look as compared to its predecessor Nokia 7 from last year.

Nokia 7 plus

Nokia 7 packs in 3800 mAh battery with a Snapdragon 660 and 4 GB RAM. It also has a 16 MP selfie shooter and a Zeiss dual camera setup at the back with the primary camera of 13 MP and the secondary camera of 12 MP. Along with it a 18:9 display in a aluminium uni body gives it a premium feel.

Nokia Sirocco

Well, more than Nokia 7 plus, the phone which got more better is the Nokia Sirocco. The design of Nokia 8 is also completely changed and the rebooted Nokia Sirocco now feels more premium than ever before. The phone has got a curved 16:9 5.5” QHD display. The primary camera is a 12 MP sensor with a 13 MP telephoto lens. It packs in the previous year flagship processor Snapdragon 835 with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage.

Nokia 8110

With these premium phones, one more phone was also launched which is the Nokia 8110. Better known as the Matrix phone or the Banana phone. It will support 4G and yes also SNAKE.


One of the main reasons to launch the old phones in a revamped design is to create a sense of nostalgia for the users who have a much more stronger brand connect than any other phones back in the 2000s. This marketing strategy will be able to drive more customers to Nokia than a much more curated Ad campaign.


Till past year, where Nokia launched its Nokia series 4,5,6.7 and 8 phones, they were no different than any other mid range phone available in the market. But as compared to the Chinese phones with same specs, Nokia phones were at a much higher price. The market share was quite minimal. But with the Nokia 7 plus, Nokia is offering one of the most balanced smartphone in the mid range segment, which is creating its own place because of the specs and looks apart from the nostalgia factor which was used by Nokia to market its phones previously.

Nokia was well known for unique designs it offered along with its phones. This factor of uniqueness was also not seen in the 2017 range if phones. But with Sirocco and Nokia 7 plus, the phones are getting much pretty and sturdy in terms of design and looks.

Apart from this, Nokia has a bad history of going against Android and opting Windows OS for its phones in the past. Well, it failed miserably and they have learnt the lesson quite well. What Nokia is trying to do with its 2018 lineup is to bring in the essence of pure Android with its phones. Both the Nokia 7 plus and Nokia Sirocco have been launched under the Android One program by Google, which guarantees fast and secure updates by google along with stock android experience.

Thus, it seems that Nokia is really uping its game and has made its position in the mid range and premium segment of smartphones. In the upcoming years, the Nokia phones will be a really good option to consider along Samsung, Apple, Oneplus and Pixel in the premium range of smartphones. Hope to see Nokia phones getting better and better in future.